My Story

Dreamy Beginnings

Peter, the Owner of Treasury Road Mosaic Store

From a very early age I have always been creative, using my imagination to not only make mosaics and other items, but to travel to places and create a wonderful world that you could only dream of.

As I grew up those wonderful worlds that I once created as a child became a distant memory.

Now, as an adult my imagination is now reflected in the mosaics and jewelry I make.​


Mosaic & Vintage Jewelry

I love to produce mosaic and vintage inspired jewelry using mixed media and assemblage, these make superb eclectic items that use everything and anything, materials that work not only in the beauty of the design but also in the visual harmony.​

The products, such as mosaic photo frame, must be unique and have a soul, they must be enchanting and they must be beautiful.​

I'm grateful to work with many impressive and wonderful items like:

  • Italian Smalti
  • Italian Millefiori
  • Vintage jewels
  • Stained glass mosaics
  • Beads
  • Metals
  • Recycled pieces
  • Vintage crockery

each mosaics and jewelry bringing their own unique character and beauty to the items I make.​

I approach every mosaic and repurposed jewelry with a basic design idea and once I begin that item will take on a life of its own, I take my time to ensure whatever item I include it must enhance and be engaging.​

Based in Victoria, Australia

I am based on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, home to lovely beaches, surf, and the country, a beautiful and inspirational place to be.

Sometimes I tend to think the creative world I invented as a child still exists but in a different way and on a different road.

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