English Garden - Glass On Glass - Mosaic

This beautiful mosaic will brighten any window or room with it's intense colours and stunning design.

When I designed this mosaic I envisaged a beautiful garden gently dancing around on a spring day and I have achieved that.

I love how this amazing garden works so beautifully together, I carefully chose the colours of the stained glass to ensure they work in harmony to the overall feel of the piece.

Each piece of glass was carefully shaped, cut and grinded and then glued into place, I also added other mixed media such as Milliefiori and glass beads to give balance, texture and a eclectic look.

I have upcycled a window frame to create this magnificent glass on glass, full of bright colours this wonderful piece will brighten any window or room.

Complete with two eye hooks in the top for hanging or they can be removed if you wanted to replace a window with this mosaic.

This piece is exquisite and would make a lovely present for a house warming, wedding, birthday or simply a gift to yourself.
The first photo is the front and the second photo is the back

Overall size 500 x 405mm
Pickup only from Mornington, Victoria

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